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Título : Learning perspective on sustainable entrepreneurship in a regional context
Otros títulos : Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
Autor : Pérez Núñez, Sylvia Mónica
Musteen, Martina
Otros Autores: CETYS Universidad
Palabras clave : Learning;Local embeddedness;Sustainable entrepreneurship;Gastronomic industry
Sede: Sistemas
Fecha de publicación : may-2020
Citación : 2;27
Resumen : Purpose – The aim of this study is to examine the role of learning in the opportunity discovery, opportunity exploitation and local embeddedness of sustainable ventures in an emerging economy. Design/methodology/approach – We use a partially grounded approach to analyze three case of successful sustainable ventures in the Cali Baja gastro industry. Findings – We find that sustainable entrepreneurs possess general knowledge of natural and communal environment along with compassion for the environment. However, it is the acquisition of a specific business-related knowledge that is the trigger for the formation of the first-person opportunity belief (i.e. confidence in the ability to exploit the sustainable business opportunity personally). Our analysis of also reveals several unique learning processes associated with opportunity exploitation and local embeddedness with a special focus on tradeoffs and compromises that are required given the tension between the sometimes conflicting goals of sustainable enterprises. Originality/value – Our study adds to the literature on sustainable entrepreneurship by investigating the complex interplay between personal and contextual factors that unfolds over time as entrepreneurs conceive and then exploit a viable business opportunity that simultaneously addresses environmental and social goals.
metadata.dc.description.url: DOI 10.1108/JSBED-03-2020-0071
URI : https://repositorio.cetys.mx/handle/60000/750
ISSN : 1462-6004
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