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Título : Cultural and Creative Industries
Título de capítulo: Wine Industry in Baja California, Mexico: A Gender Perspective
Autor : León-Pozo, Alicia
Meraz-Ruiz, Lino
Woolfolk-Ruiz, Diana
Palabras clave : Women entrepreneurs;Economic development;Wine industry;Gender;innovation
Sede: Campus Ensenada
Fecha de publicación : nov-2019
Citación : León-Pozo, A., Meraz-Ruiz, L., Woolfolk-Ruiz, D.E. (2019). Wine Industry in Baja California, Mexico: A Gender Perspective. In: Peris-Ortiz, M., Cabrera-Flores, M.R., Serrano-Santoyo, A. (eds) Cultural and Creative Industries. Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-99590-8_11
Resumen : The aim of this chapter is to analyze cases of women’s participation in a cultural industry. Our focus is the wine industry of Baja California, where more than 90% of Mexican wine is produced. This is a qualitative study, descriptive in scope, that makes use of in-depth interviews focused on women who collaborate in the Baja California wine industry. This study allowed us to characterize the inclusion of women in this sector, and was accomplished by analyzing their profile, motivations, and achievements, and the challenges that have shaped their experiences within this cultural industry. This study also addresses the lack of research regarding female entrepreneurship within the Baja California wine industry. For researchers and professionals, this study will contribute to knowledge of female participation in this industry, and for wine practitioners, it offers information about women’s performance in this sector. The study calls for openness on the part of government and wine industry executives toward women’s participation in the development of the region.
URI : https://repositorio.cetys.mx/handle/60000/1767
ISSN : 978-3-319-99590-8
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