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dc.description.abstractMany people suffer from different skin diseases, which can be diverse and varied. Most skin diseases cause disorders in the skin, such as changes in color, texture, and appearance manifesting in spots, swelling, scaling, ulcers, etc. One of the diseases that represents a serious health problem is skin cancer. The most dangerous skin cancer is malignant melanoma, which can cause death if not detected early. Therefore, development of new and accurate diagnosis methodologies to increase the chance of early detection is important. In this work, an analysis to discriminate between malignant melanoma and three types of benign skin lesions–melanocytic nevus, dermatofibroma, and seborrheic keratosis–is realized by calculating spectral indexes based on the real and imaginary parts of a fractional nonlinear filter obtained by affecting the modulus of the fractional Fourier transform by an exponent k. The fractional spectral indexes were calculated by working with selected sub-images obtained by dividing the input image. Also, a variation was implemented when the Hermite transform is used to calculate the fractional nonlinear filter. Discrimination between malignant melanoma and benign skin lesions was achieved with a 99.7% confidence level.es_ES
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dc.subjectMalignant melanomaes_ES
dc.titleSpectral indexes obtained by implementation of the fractional Fourier and Hermite transform for the diagnosis of malignant melanomaes_ES
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